Navigating Turbulence: What I’ve Learned About Building a Voice Over Business

Navigating Turbulence – What I’ve learned about building a voice over business 

Starting a business can be scary. Transitioning to a new industry can also be challenging. In 2019, I transitioned from a career in musical theater to becoming a voice actor. During that time, I navigated building a business during the pandemic and while it was a challenge, I was able to create the business I’m proud to run today.  Since then, my voice can be heard in television and radio commercials for major brands (like Google, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Prudential, and more), TV narration, eLearning and training modules, explainer videos, phone systems, and corporate narration for both big businesses and startups. I started in a sound-proofed closet and grew to a Broadcast-quality Home Studio. 

If you’re thinking about stepping into a new profession or starting a business, those first steps can be uncomfortable, even daunting. Adding in the fact that, as business owners, we’re constantly adapting to changes that come our way, it can feel like a pilot who’s navigating turbulence constantly. Leaning into this turbulence and learning to adjust and pivot can be the way through.

Real talk—continuous learning is the name of the game. Take classes, find mentors, sharpen your skills, attend conferences. Seriously, investing in yourself and your craft is non-negotiable when running a business. It’s not just about studying your craft, it’s also about learning how to run a business. Maybe it’s learning how to use your invoice software more efficiently or writing a list of questions for a CPA about planning for tax time. For me, when I was just starting out, it was taking classes with voiceover coaches and learning the nuances of delivering a great conversational delivery of a script. It was also finding a mentor who I could ask questions about how to run a voice over business. Building a business takes patience, passion, and a willingness to learn along the way.

As a solo-preneur, I quickly learned if you want to build a sustainable business, you need to keep a CEO mindset. Leaning on the expertise of others, delegating with confidence, and constantly learning will be the hallmark of success. 

I’ll be speaking at the VO Atlanta Conference, the largest and longest-running voice over conference, about my experience building and scaling my voice over business. VO Atlanta will be March 7 – 10th at the Hilton Atlanta Airport in Atlanta, GA.